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Every roof requires proper care and maintenance
Top Residential Raleigh Roof Repair

A damaged roof may not seem as straightforward to repair as a missing shingle or dried-out caulking. The specialists at Raleigh Roofing Services inspect roofs to determine if a problem with the shingles—such as poor ventilation or lack of proper insulation—may be causing health concerns. Raleigh Roofing Services provides comprehensive, top-quality roof restoration services that help extend the life of your roof and avoid premature replacement.
With many roof repairs we run across, they could have been halted if there was something that could have been done before it got to that point. We'll tell you right away what condition your roof is in. And if the repairs are cost-effective, we will help you decide whether or not they're worth doing.

Because some roof conditions, like shingles that are more than 10 years old, make it likely that damage will be done to a roof if it is repaired rather than replaced. Also, there have been many changes to the way shingles are made and installed in the past 10 years that there is a chance your current shingle is of date.  On the contrary, if your roof is less than 10 years old there still may be a warranty for that roof. In this case, you should try and consult the roofing company who previously installed your roof to see if it is still under warranty. If it is then there is a good chance that if another roofer steps on your roof it could void that warranty.

Let Raleigh Roofing Services help you fix your residential roof today, so that your family can enjoy living under a safe and sound structure! We offer honest, high-quality repair services for roof leakages. We don't promise more than we can deliver and will only fix a problem if it's possible to do so.

We will help educate you on the situation with your roof along with addressing the following roof problems

  • Leak Prevention
  • Shingle Damage
  • Soffit And Fascia Issues
  • Skylight Leaks
  • Storm Damage
  • Animal Damage
  • Venting Problems
  • Worn Or Damaged Flashing

Common Damage
Storm Repairs

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Hail Damage
Hail damage can be serious and often goes unnoticed until it's too late. Indentations and holes in your roof’s shingles are caused by the minute shards of ice that get caught up in strong winds—even a little bit of hail damage is cause for concern because these cracks grow larger over time, eventually becoming irreparable.
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Wind Damage
Often, it is difficult to assess the extent of storm-related damage caused by wind. Residential asphalt shingles are designed so that a strip of tar adhering to each shingle matches up at its corners—during a strong enough gust this bond can break and cause the sheet metal on top to lift off.  A shingle that has been lifted from its base is not, in itself, a sign of damage.

If wind-blown debris attaches to the tar strip during a storm and prevents it from re-sealing, then your shingle will have problems. The easiest way to tell if this has happened is by getting a roof inspection performed
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Flying Debris
Debris that flies off a roof during a storm typically takes the form of branches, shingles and other irregular-shaped objects. This kind of debris can cause extensive damage to your home even if it does not fall directly on your house but impacts something else nearby—such as the tree in which it originated from or another structure like an electrical pole.

A roof inspection will reveal whether your roof is still functioning properly or if it needs to be repaired.
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Roof Repairs in Raleigh

Examples of Damage

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For All Types Of Roof Repair Services, Hire Raleigh Roof Repair Contractors at  Raleigh Roofing Services. We Have The Best Roofing Experts For Roof Repair & Storm Damage Repair .

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Let the roof repair professionals at Raleigh Roofing Services take care of your roof repairs. Our roof repair specialists are an experienced group of master elites roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC.  We take your needs seriously and do everything to make you happy with the work performed

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How Will The Roof Get Paid
Why You Need Roof Repair?

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Storm and hail damage will almost always be covered by your homeowner’s insurance.
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A repair on a valid warranty claim will be paid for by the manufacturer and/or contractor.
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A roof repair because of normal aging will be paid for by the homeowner.

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There are so many roofing companies in Raleigh to choose from. Why would you consider Raleigh Roofing Services for your homes roof replacement? We carry on the the reputable nature of one of the most respected and highly rated roofers in Raleigh and all around the Triad. We have performed thousands of roof replacements in Raleigh. This new division allows us to reach more homeowners searching for a roofer in Raleigh they can trust and count on to work with insurance adjusters as well as offer top notch financing for those who need it. Your home will received the best GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors installing the number one roof shingles in America on your roof that will last you almost a lifetime. Raleigh Roofing Services is your LOCAL roofing contractor experts that will assess your roof’s condition, create a solution for you and your budget, and install a new roof system that will protect your home from North Carolina weather. Give our local roofing replacement specialists a call at 919-372-057